Every day that you go without working on strategic initiatives, your plan falls behind and your goals become more distant to achieve. 

In Goal Huddle, automated workflows recalculate the status of everything, every 24 hours. With a recalculated status your entire team knows today’s state of play, and the impact of any slippage, based on all of the information available.


The daily status of all items is recorded and retained so that you can see any drift across the plan from a Birdseye view and over a long time horizon.




In a perfectly executed strategic plan the real time status will move from grey (not started) to green (on track) ,to blue (completed). A strategic plan with this profile will have been completed in an accurate and timely manner and all goals will have been reached.



A strategic plan that faces challenges will show exactly where the problem areas are and if they are being corrected.


A strategic plan that moves progressively from green to amber (at risk) and red (late) is not going to succeed without significant intervention.

If daily calculated statuses are too much pressure, Goal Huddle includes 2 other methods for managing the status of the plan which are more subjective (and forgiving) than going fully automated.




We believe that information security is vital to the integrity of your planning process and that your business results are yours to safeguard. 

Only those people that you give access to your plan (or individual items within it) will be able to access your information.

Even we don’t have access to it!


Goal Huddle is developed as a SharePoint App. The SharePoint App model gives you the ultimate choice in how to secure your company information within Goal Huddle.



a)     Install to an existing SharePoint 2013 environment where you control the security

b)     Use Office365 with its comprehensive built in security features

c)     Use an alternative hosted SharePoint environment where you have arranged security provisions with the hosting provider.


The Goal Huddle team at Within Reach Software will happily help with implementation options if you don’t already have SharePoint or an existing service provider that can arrange it.





Whilst the idea of real time dashboards and paperless reviews sounds like a dream come true, the reality is sometimes a nightmare. 


Real time information can cause chaos to periodic management reviews. Experience shows that in most management teams, people prefer paper, and need advanced distribution of reports in order to prepare.


In Goal Huddle a nicely formatted snapshot report is always one mouse click away.


Use these to ensure that:

  • Reviewers can work from exactly the same information.

  • The periodic snapshot reports can be saved for later reference.

  • Filters can be applied to report on a subset of the plan only

  • Updates are timely, the system can be locked to prevent last minute changes when a formal review is underway

Through the built in concept of review cycles, Goal Huddle one of few strategy execution systems to deliver the benefits of a real time dashboard without compromising the integrity of a traditional period based progress review.



If you have invested time and money into strategic planning and established a language that your team is already familiar with, Goal Huddle lets you define and manage your plan without forcing you to take a step backwards and change your terminology.


If you are still at the formative stage of planning, Goal Huddle comes with a complete template to get you up and running instantly.




An update to Goal Huddle only takes a moment …. but these days when does any busy leader find the time to update a strategic plan?  


By making Goal Huddle accessible from any device via a browser, we’ve created a platform where you can get your updates done on the run, using that time from the airport to the meeting, in the morning commute, whilst waiting for that conference call to start, or any other normally non-productive time you can find.


We’ve also oriented everything around a 3-field update, driven straight from your personal scorecard, to focus on the items that are due soonest and to make updates as fast as they can possibly be.



Being embedded into SharePoint, Goal Huddle has the full capabilities of a sophisticated collaboration platform at your disposal.

Within the Goal Huddle application, attachments can be added directly to items in the plan, teams can make announcements, leadership can ensure timely delivery of news, and RSS feeds can be used to deliver support materials and to keep the personal scorecard pages interesting and engaging.


Above and beyond that, Goal Huddle sits within a SharePoint environment that provides:



      Follow work items and people to stay informed of content that’s relevant and interesting to you.



      Create and share calendars with team members, create meetings and manage recurring events.



      Share and manage related documents through a library of multiple documents.



      Major and Minor version numbers are supported when documents are updated.



      Share rich contact and team profile information so that your team can keep in touch and find skills they may need.



      Create a Poll that your team can vote on, with customizable survey options.



      Discuss related issues with your team and easily references resources.


Goal Huddle can run in SharePoint on premise if you already have it, or using SharePoint online as a pay as you go subscription service.




Are you a 1 minute manager?  No problem, we have you covered. 

Goal Huddle incorporates dashboards that show the plan in the various dimensions of status, activity levels, by business unit and even down to the individual assignments.


It’s a breeze to get the current flavour of things and then to drill down from the dashboard charts to the underlying data.


If Goal Huddle doesn’t have the built-in dashboard you are looking for, you can connect to the plan from Excel and create your own reports that will dynamically update as the Goal Huddle data changes.




If there’s one thing worse than missing a deadline, it’s not knowing that you missed it until it’s too late. Goal Huddle’s early warning system will email you if you are in danger of missing a status review date or final deadline for an item assigned to you. 



Adopting a strategic execution tool is a big commitment for your organisation but it doesn’t need to be a big commitment financially. By offering Goal Huddle as a pay as you go subscription, you only pay for what you use, per person per month. There are no large set up fees, bundles of users, unavoidable professional services or fixed term commitments.

Goal Huddle is a SharePoint application and requires a SharePoint 2013 environment to operate within.  

If you already have SharePoint 2013 at your organisation, you can download Goal Huddle from the SharePoint store.  If not, you can subscribe to a SharePoint online service per person per month and install Goal Huddle there.


Please contact us for purchasing details and we will assist with the implementation option of your choice.


Your strategy, executed!


Achieve your strategic objectives by keeping short term attention on long range goals.