Dress to impress! Goal Huddle can now use your company brand

Goal Huddle is our strategic planning and execution platform where organisations track progress against their strategic plan. We have often been asked by companies if we can match the user interface of Goal Huddle with their brand guidelines. Now we have released a version that makes it possible.

Branding is important to make the user experience consistent across all internal systems. It increases the employee’s confidence that the system is part of the way work is done, not an add-on. This in turn results in a higher level of system adoption, not to mention better looking board reports!

From version of the Goal Huddle App, you now have the capability to personalise the Goal Huddle branding as you need.

For instance, when you install Goal Huddle on your SharePoint environment you get the standard look of the app using our product brand as below.

That used to be fixed, however, our new release allows most aspects of the application to be tailored to your brand.

You can decide how far you want to go with this, from updating the logo for example, to a compete change of colour scheme as shown below.

If your branding changes, If you merge with other companies, if you have subsidiaries with different brands for each of your Goal Huddle instances, none of this is a problem. The way the system looks is easy to change at any time through the configuration options that we've made available.

It's all self-service so there are no additional fees involved.

We are very proud of the application and the benefits it offers to organisations that want to achieve better execution of their strategic plans. For this reason, we do keep a small 'powered by' icon just as a reminder that we are here to listen to more customer feature requests and to provide guidance and support.

You have always been able to use the terminology that suits your culture to describe the levels of your planning process in your words (Strategy, Objective, Goal and Action Item are our choice, they may not be yours). Now you can also change the way the application looks to match your brand. We think that this is the kind of flexibility organisations should expect from their applications.

With Goal Huddle, you decide how the App is going to be configured so that you can minimise the change management required to digitise your strategic planning and execution process.

You can find the latest version of Goal Huddle at the following link.


The guidelines with step by step instructions of how to configure your Goal Huddle App are included in the Administration Guide available here http://www.goalhuddle.com/faq

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